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Defensive Driving
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Learning how to navigate the hazards on the road can make traveling a safer experience.  Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of unintentional workplace deaths in the U.S. and most crashes are preventable.  Employees can benefit from a driver safety course whether driving is the main function of their job or they commute to work.  Protect yourself and your employees from costly motor-vehicle accidents with a defensive driving course.  Check out our event schedule or let us send one of our certified trainers to present the class at your work site!  Colorado Safety Association offers the following National Safety Council programs:

Defensive Driving 4-Hour

This course will provide participants with fundamental defensive driving knowledge and safe driving techniques that they can apply to prevent collisions and traffic violations. Upon completing this course participants will be able to:
  • Identify personal driving behaviors and tendencies
  • Identify behaviors that can be controlled and factors beyond a driver's control
  • Recognize potential hazards when driving and make appropriate driving choices to avoid those hazards
  • Identify risky driving behaviors that lead to the most collisions and fatalities on US roads
  • Choose safe, responsible and respectful driving behaviors in different driving situations and conditions
  • Evaluate your current driving choices and behaviors and identify alternative driving choices
  • Create a personal plan to make effective driving choices


Defensive Driving 6-Hour *

This course is highly interactive with the goal of providing drivers with practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and violations. With a defensive driving self-assessment risk survey and vital content on distracted driving and other leading safety issues, this course helps drivers choose safe, responsible and lawful driving behaviors. Participants will learn:

  • Practical knowledge and techniques to recognize potential hazards and avoid collisions and violations
  • Why choosing safe, responsible and lawful driving behaviors and habits makes personal and financial sense
  • How to get employees to view safety on a personal level
  • How factors one can control affect driving such as drugs and alcohol to physical and emotional conditions
  • The importance of vehicle safety inspections, covering car anatomy, and maintenance musts
  • The principles of vehicle dynamics and how vehicle positioning contributes to crashes
  • How the right attitude can prevent collisions and poor decision making
  • How to drive defensively in unpredictable conditions

*The DDC 6 Hour course is approved by the Denver County Court as a Level 1 course.

Driving Hazards and Customized Training

CSA offers sessions on a variety of hazardous issues facing your drivers. Keep your drivers safe on the road with customized training at your facility.

  • Coaching the Van Driver
  • Distracted Driving and Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Weather Hazards
  • Fleet Safety and Risk Management
  • Reasonable Suspicion

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